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From humble regional beginnings to an international leader in medical products

An Illustrious History

Goldstar is a specialized manufacturer of Laryngoscopes. We produce a variety of Combos, Blades, and Handles. We make sure to cater to every critical need of each of our customers with our high-quality products and exceptional prices.

We derive our roots from multiple generations of Medical Product Manufacturing, originating with Mr. Fazal Elahi in 1908. We take pride in applying over 100 years of manufacturing skills, insight, and techniques to our business. Over the course of multiple generations, Goldstar has continuously expanded, taking upon a 27,000 sq ft manufacturing facility and bringing next-generation innovations to our product lines.

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The CEO's message

Goldstar Medical Instruments, one of the key medical products and solutions providers in Pakistan, is a more valuable business than ever. We have a vision: to be a provider of the finest quality and most advanced medical solutions across our markets.

 Over the past 40 years, we have consistently applied the latest and most cutting-edge technologies to ensure that our products help our customers achieve the pinnacle of success in their fields. With a strong focus on R&D, we have made sure that innovation is at the forefront of our business and products, making us a high-tech leader in the industry.

Our products have played a pivotal role in saving lives in the face of a global pandemic. It is a source of pride that we have helped preserve life in communities across the globe. We serve customers on every continent and we expect to expand our reach and continue to generate value in new territories with each passing day. We are able to anticipate such growth because of the strong human resources in our employ, key leadership, and the adoption of leading production and management technologies.

In the medium and long run, with visionary leadership, the application of transformative technologies, and efficient business models, Goldstar Medical instruments is poised to grow and expand its business as one of the leading global providers of innovative medical products and solutions.

A brief History of Goldstar

Humble Beginnings
Goldstar beginning


The first generation of Medical product makers ventured into this domain to meet local market demands - starting a centuries old dynasty.

Goldstar Medical Instruments Incorporated
Goldstar incorporated


After years of experience in medical product manufacturing, Goldstar Medical Instruments was spun-off and launched.

LED and FIber Optic introduced in production
Goldstar Product Expansion


With increased innovation in the industry, LED and Fiber Optic laryngoscopes entered into production at our primary facility.

Greater global reach than ever before
Goldstar's global reach


With an innovative array of products in production, our team expanded it's network of distributors and clients to every corner of the globe.

Product Expansion
Goldstar's new inventory

With great anticipation, the Goldstar Production facilities are expanding at the Sialkot Export Zone for greater capacity, efficiency and logistical ease.

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Goldstar Medical Instruments

Goldstar Medical Instruments is a leader in Medical and Surgical Product Research, Design, Manufacturing, and Distribution.

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